Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chapter 3:

he got out of the car then. we were there. it looked like a large black cabin. everything on the outside was painted or made black. even the windows were tinted.
i opened the door and stepped out. then he was next to me. i could tell we were alone. so it was safe to talk.
"so, if your not human, what are you?" i asked- scared for my life for the first time i could remember.
"dont be worried for me, okay? come inside and youll see. if you want to of course." he wanted to know if i wanted to run away or not.
"lead the way."i told him.
jake opend the door and seemed to move by habit; he moved across the black room and onto a black chair. he folded his hands and put his elbows on his knees. i moved to the black couch across from him and sat myself silently on the edge. the shadows surrounded him.
"are you going to tell me or not?" i asked, impatiently. the shadows disappeared slightly.he answered hesitently more quiet then usual,
"im, what you would call, a... shadow demon."
"oh."i said, dumbfounded. i was expecting "warlock", or "axe murderer,"or maybe,-possibly hoping,- "vampire.then he disappeared, reappearing at my side on the couch.
"thank you. and im sorry, you must think im terrifieing or evil, but im not. truly." he looked at me, begging for me to understand.
"its okay, im not scared of you. and i dont think your evil."
"really?" jake was confuzed. torn between many emotions. i didnt have to read his mind to tell that.
"actually, i have something to admit also."
"if its something bad, let me do something befor i find out. okay?"
"well, it depends on your definition of bad..."
"okay, then let me do it." again he disappeared. before i could even acknoledge he was gone, he reappeared again, closer. just inches away. he leaned closer still. then looked into my eyes with his own. mine had only moved fractionaly since he was on the couch.
then his lips touched mine. it was like rubbing silk to my face- but the silk had hard rocks behind it. we sat like that for what seemed an eternity. then his hand touched my knee, holding it, then slowly found my hand and traced up my arm onto my shoulder. i didnt know what to do, what to expect. then he pushed my away slowly.
he disappeared again -from what i assumed was embarracement. i personaly was dazed. that was my first kiss- from what i remember. i thought about how it felt-those small, thin, silky, hard lips, the feeling of his hand on my knee, my hand, moving up my arm. the smell.
"sorry. what were you going to say now?"
"i had news. since you told me about you, i wanted you to know about me." i needed to stay calm."i-i,"i stammered, i took a deep breath and said"im a vampire." i looked back to him out of the corner of my eye.
"prove it." he said simply.moving so fast that he couldnt see me, with such strength that it could have killed him if placed properly, i pushed him off the couch and into the hall- 5 yards away.i put my teeth to his neck and whispered "proof enough?"
"i guess." then he chuckled.
"what could possibly be so funny?"
"this." then he rolled over on top of me and disappeared. i layed there for a second before he reappeared. his face was upside down over mine when he kissed me again.as soon as my lips came in contact with his, his hand grabbed mine, he was put something in my hand but wouldnt let go. jake moved away sooner this time.
"we have to go now." he whispered, then he tightend his hold on my hand and led me out the door. he didnt let go of it once as we followed the road to my house- so i never got to see what he left there.


jake said i cant look at what was in my hand untill i was going to sleep - so i didnt.
when i got home, tara and randy were doing busy work. tara was making a grocery list, cleaning the kitchen and making dinner. randy was on the computer- from his thoughts, he was trying to find the 'perfect' birthday present for me.
"hey hon' ! how was your day?" it was randy.
"fine, randy." i called back.
"hey there punky, when do you get off calling me 'randy?' i said call me dad or pops...- anything but 'randy'. nothing spectacular happend today? i thought you got out early?"
fantastic. "yea, i wasnt feeling the greatest. i drove home and missed the turn. im exhausted. im going to bed after dinner."so i was forced to eat - just like every other day. it always tasted horrible, but im guessing thats what i get for being a vampire... i lied and said it was the best ever.then i headed to my room. i jumped onto my bed and took out the paper jake left in my hand. on the back it said:

OCT 26,2007--~--8TH HR HIST.

that was my first day going here. i opened the note. only it wasnt a note. it was a drawing. with such wonderful detail, it was outstanding.the picture seemed to breath. almost blink.
it was me-only without the weird green eyes, and with darker skin, so i looked human. the eyes were a bit duller, and faded - i knew i was thirsty that day. the head shot made me look wonderful. maybe this is what i looked like human...
just then, a shadow danced across my window, in front of the moon. i walked to the pane and opend it. paper white and glimmering in the moonlight, my skin prickled, like when someones watching you.
a pair of arms wound themselves around my waist, holding me against a hard chest. i spun around in my cage and took a deep breath in through my nose."jakob." i breathed.
"yes?" he spoke to my hair.
"your hurting me." i said but held my hands behind his head so he coundnt escape. so he disappeared.
"im sorry. what did i do?"
"come back and ill tell you."jake once again came back, and held me.
"now, tell me." he said looking deep into my eyes.
"you smell, in such a way that i cannot describe."
"try me, i think i could understand."
"its delicouse. think of your favriote food. now try to magnify the smell by ten and know that if you ever want that smell again, you cant eat the food."i led jake to the bed and we sat down. i ran my nose along the right side of his collarbone, inhaleing as much as possible. i had my eyes closed, going up and down, back and forth.
"you need sleep jake." i said. i could smell it on him.
"dont worry about me." he said. but i pushed him onto my pillows easily- he didnt even fight me.three minutes later he was out cold.i stayed up- since i cant sleep, thats not hard. all night i lay there, breathing in and out, listening to jakes heart.
it was quiet, but not silent - like my own. it sounded as though i had my ear against a wall while the real jake stood in the sun, casting a shadow where i was listening.
around midnight i listened for jakes parents minds. i found them and brought jake home. i was almost out the window when jake said very clearly, "camilla." then he rolled over and fell back asleep.


i strolled into the woods. already i saw a black bear. i snuck up behind it. then i waited, and pounced. i sunk my teeth into the helpless bear, i drank untill i was almost full. then pulled away and drank the poisend blood. thats the last thing we need around here - a vampieric bear...
as i was leaving, i heard a new voice. i listend and picked up on someones thoughts. they were crying, so i cleaned up in the creek near by and went to help whoever it was. finally, i ran into a girl i recognized from third hour english. i believe her name is maria.
"maria?" i asked.the girl looked up.
"what?" she managed to choke out.
"what happend?"she started bawling. i had to calm her down before she could answer. that took almost five minutes.
"maria, what happend?" i asked again.
"i dont know!" she was screaming "it hurts!!! im freezing!!! im dieing!!!"
"maria, how long has it hurt?" i asked, my voice still calm.
"hours." her voice was loosing volume.
"maria, listen to me. stop screaming, i wont help. someone bit you two days ago, didnt they?" she nodded. that wasnt good.


Adam Vamp. (i have many faces) said...

Um dude a word to the wise.

Don't Publish stuff that people can steal and claim that it is theirs.

So i don't want u hurt. Because i did the same thing and someone stole my stuff. So... you don't have to listen to me but please take my advise.

Your online whisperer.

Echo said...

yea someone could steal it but I absolutely LOVE IT. I couldn't stop reading it. I wanted to post mine on the internet but I was afraid of someone stealing it.

I have got to tell you, this story is amazing...absolutely amazing.

Did I mention it's amazing.

haha yes it was that good.


Camilla Price said...

Your pretty smart, but how do I get a publisher and a copy right? I don't know how to get those! And I'm pretty sure I'll just quit it at that and let people wait untill the book itself is out...